Samsung is committed to the next generation of consoles, such as Sony's PlayStation 5 and the Microsoft Xbox Series X, not to mention that many amateur and occasional gamers prefer high-end TVs over conventional monitors.

According to Samsung experts, its new QLED TVs are designed to provide "more immersive and responsive gaming sessions", as more and more consumers look for these innovative features when buying their TVs

Special features of their new QLED TVs

HDMI 2.1 certified connector: 4K@120Hz images.

Autoplay mode

Dynamic Black EQ: light pixels in the shaded areas without washout.

An immersive, integrated sound system with 'Object Tracking Sound' technology.

Low Input Lag, as low as 9.8ms.

The Samsung team explained their innovations about input lag, —the amount of time between the time a command is entered into a controller and the instant it is recorded on the screen. As the input lag gets shorter, the more immersive the game becomes.

"Input lag is determined by how quickly image signal can be processed and displayed on the screen," Said product planner Jessica Beom Eun Kim.

FreeSync Premium: minimize stuttering and tearing.

Racing games, known for having the highest graphic demands, run without problems, freezes, or delays on the screen, as explained by the developer Youngho Jung.

Running this type of game is easier thanks to the FreeSync™ Premium technology, which eliminates the tearing and stuttering of the screen in games with heavy graphics.


The MultiView feature (screen-splitting function) allows gamers to play on one side of the screen while watching videos on the other side, for example.

Auto Game Mode

This function allows QLED TVs to analyze connected devices and optimize settings automatically. Connect the console to the TV, and a "game mode is on" message will automatically appear on your screen.

Kim explained that the idea behind incorporating this notification was to emphasize that these TVs "transform into a gaming device the moment they are connected to a console."

Game Motion Plus

In addition, this TV has Game Motion Plus, a function that minimizes motion blur and halo effects, helping to make games more fluids.

Samsung's 2020 QLED TVs would offer gamers the most entertaining experiences imaginable.

At the end of June 2020, Samsung published an infographic that details the key characteristics of its current QLED TV line focused on the desires of gamers.

The TVs, which were once considered a simple screen, has now become the center of home entertainment, as explained by software engineer Sungchang Jang.

"It was crucial that our 2020 QLED TVs would be able to work perfectly with any gaming devices that consumers might use. This required us to develop entirely new technology. We had to test each and every gaming device we could find individually in order to ensure that they worked well with the TV. There was a lot of trial and error, but in the end, thanks to our team's tremendous efforts, we managed to pull it off." Said Sungchang Jang.

The Samsung team believes that TVs will continue to serve as the center of home entertainment, but will be recognized as true "bona fide gaming devices" in the future.

"We'll continue to enhance our TVs' gaming features, to offer gamers the most complete and satisfying gaming experience possible," Said product planner Hyun Mook Choi.

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