If you are looking for an innovative 8K resolution TV with gaming features, the LG 8K nano cell may be the right choice for you; this TV will catch your guests' attention just by watching its huge 75-inch screen.

This TV works with a Linux-based operating system called LG webOS, designed for smartphones, tablets, and, above all, smart TVs. This OS was awarded as the Best Smart TV in Europe 2015-2016* by EISA.

If you want to know more about the features and performance offered by this LG 8K nano-cell TV, don't stop reading our article.

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It has an elegant design featuring a glass screen with minimal edges that you hardly notice. Its legs offer you enough stability and don't give you that feeling some TVs have that they can fall over.


Its LED nano-cell screen is 75", and its Dolby Vision IQ technology allows it to adjust image settings according to ambient lighting conditions automatically.

Its 8k resolution, which offers more than 33 million pixels, allows you to enjoy vibrant and accurate colors with a wider spectrum of one billion bright colors that make the image more realistic.


Its Dolby Atmos sound puts you at the center of the action with smooth, surround sound that envelops your room with a multi-dimensional, home-theater experience.

Share the contents of your phone or tablet with your TV via SmartShare mode.

The new LG Smart TV system records your favorite shows on a compatible USB memory. It also allows you to browse and access the entire web via your browser by storing your favorite addresses always to have your websites close at hand.


Use your smartphone with LG's applications to manage it as you please, no matter if it's Android or iOS; it will work without any problem.  You can find many apps such as Netflix, Disney plus, Apple TV, Hulu, Sling, and Prime Video in its content library.


The a9 Gen 3 Processor 8k is specifically designed to boost 8K performance and mobilize over 33 million pixels by reducing noise from video games and movies.

Gaming Features

The latest technology and gaming features give you an edge with fewer delays and higher refresh rates that bring you right up to speed.

See the game action in real-time before your opponents know what's happening - especially with multiplayer mode; input delay data is minimal and updates as it goes.

HGiG profile for HDR games

High Dynamic Range HDR games aren't just for movies, LG has teamed up with some of the top game developers and technology companies to ensure the best HDR game experience to be immersed in the game action.

Full array dimming pro executes precision and backlight control for the deeper black and higher edge-to-edge contrast you'll see in movies, sports, and video games, illuminating your image in balance.

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