There are several Samsung QLED 8K TVs, and the latest is the Samsung 85-inch Class QLED (QN85Q950TSFXZA, 2020 Model). This is a unit that has been built to offer high-level entertainment due to its great graphics, sound, and controls.

On the other hand, Samsung is one of the most popular electronics manufacturers, and the company has garnered years of experience. As such, its unit is not one to disappoint, especially when you consider the hefty price that comes with it. To that effect, here's a review of the Samsung QN85Q950TSFXZA features.

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If you've always wanted to own a large TV, here's your chance. The Samsung QLED 8K TV QN85Q950TSFXZA comes with a humongous screen that sets its size at 85 inches. At this size, you can sit from a distance and still pick out pictures with excellent clarity. Therefore, this is a TV to use and catch up on Netflix movies, SuperBowl, and track other entertaining events.


The QN85Q950TSFXZA is a QLED 8K TV. This electronic has an infinity bezel design that gives it a sleek look. It's easy to mount on the wall using the No Gap Wall-Mount accessory. There's also a slime cable running from the TV to help you connect it to your external devices. Hence, you get to transmit content from other sources to it.

You may also come to appreciate the multi-view functionality of this TV. This function allows you to split your TV screen into two. Therefore, it means content can be played on one side while you mirror your smartphone's screen to the second screen. You'll be able to keep track of two items at a time. Thus, there's no need to switch between channels back and forth.

The ultra-wide viewing angle of this TV helps to reduce glare. Its color is also improved, which ensures that quality pictures are shown irrespective of where you sit to view the screen.


The Samsung QN85Q950TSFXZA uses an 8K AI UPSCALING that enables it to convert all content to 8K resolution. The unit also uses a quantum processor to make all the benefits offered by the 8K resolution a reality.

According to Samsung, this processor is its most brilliant CPU. It relies on deep learning AI Technology to release the full potential of 8K. The latter results in a fantastic viewing experience. Furthermore, these are speakers installed on all four sides of the TV. These speakers ensure you have sound from all directions to fill your room.

Over and above that, there is an adaptive feature that also improves your experience while in front of this TV. For instance, if the room is dark or well lit, the Adaptive Picture adjusts it to suit the lighting in the room. This adjustment takes place irrespective of where you're watching the TV.

Other Features

The SAMSUNG QN85Q950TSFXZA relies on SmartThings to connect you with IoT devices. These devices will enable you to switch off the light, control your robotic vacuum, and even check your fridge's contents.

There's also support for Alexa; hence, you can use your voice to perform certain functions. You'll be able to change the channel, do a search on the TV, and other operations. Support is provided for other Assistants such as Bixby and Google Assistant.


The SAMSUNG QN85Q950TSFXZA sells for about $12,000. Based on this price, this TV can be said to be one of the most expensive Samsung TVs out there. A pricier model is the 98" Class Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TV (2019).

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The Samsung QLED 8K TV is a great unit to buy if your desire is to an impressive entertainment system in your home. It may be expensive but offers excellent value. Therefore, here's a TV to buy in 2020 and even a few years from now.