There's a new 8K TV on the market, and it's from Samsung, a top electronics company and one of the best QLED 8K TV brands. The appliance is the Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K Smart TV, and we've done a detailed review to reveal its features. This review will help you decide if you need an upgrade from the 4K or 8K gaming TV you may be using now.

On the other hand, the Sony 8K TV and LG SM9970PUA Nano 9 Series 75" 8K Ultra HD are great 8K units to consider. Further, we've made an 8K TV vs 4K; Comparison Guide to enable you to differentiate between both TV screens. There's also the Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV release date. Now here's a review of the Samsung Q950TS:

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1. Design

The Q950TS has a large screen, 85 inches. It also comes in other sizes (65" and 75"); hence, you can settle for a TV screen that is a perfect fit in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dorm, etc. And to appreciate the 8K resolution of this TV, it's better to choose a model with a large screen. You can read more about QLED 8K TVs here.

Over and above that, the sound this TV produces holds a lot of promise. You get an ultimate surround sound experience thanks to the design of its speakers. According to Samsung, its QLED TVs and Q series soundbars collaborate to provide revolutionary sound.

2. Display

The Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K Smart TV features the highest TV resolution. In this case, you get a unit with 8K resolution. And a resolution that is 16 times more than an HDTV. Coupled with that, this is a TV with 33 million pixels at ultimate clarity.

What's more, this unit comes with an edge-to-edge viewing thanks to its infinity screen with a nearly-invisible frame. It also has minimized black edges with an ultra-slim bezel that eliminates distractions to enable you to enjoy your movies and TV shows.

3. Technology

The Quantum Processor 8K of this TV improves its picture quality. According to the unit's manufacturer, it is its most brilliant processor ever. And the processor takes advantage of deep learning AI technology to show the best potential of the 8K resolution.

With that, there's 8K AI upscaling, which helps to upscale content displayed on this TV to 8K resolution. Therefore, even if you see a low-quality movie, it'll have a more visible quality. In this case, the 8K AI upscaling analyzes the source of the input automatically. It also reduces image noise, defines the edges around objects, and restores lost detail.

There's also the unit's Quantum HDR 32X technology, which helps to improve its detail and brightness. What to expect is pictures with improved brightness, deeper contrast, and accurate pictures. The TV's HDR10+ also helps to adjust its color and contrast based on the scene that you're watching.

4. Connectivity

The Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K Smart TV can be connected to SmartThings. If you have smart devices in your home or office, then you'll be able to control them using this TV. For instance, you can check the contents of your fridge, turn on the lights, control your robotic vacuum cleaner, amongst other things.

What's more, this unit supports multiple intelligent assistance. That being the case, you'll be able to use your voice to control the TV's operation. And the same goes for the devices that are connected to the TV. Therefore, there's no need to leave the couch while operating this TV and other smart devices.

5. Price and Review

The price of the Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K Smart TV is $12,999. Its price ranks it in the high-end segment of the TV market. Its price is also higher than that of units like the Sony XBR85Z9G 8K TV, and LG SM9970PUA Nano 9 Series 75" 8K Ultra HD. Nonetheless, it is priced less than the Samsung QLED 8K 98 Inch TV.

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The Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K Smart TV is one of the latest 8K TVs in 2020. It's a fierce competitor with existing TVs and can be expected to compete with future 8K units. Therefore, be among the first to grace your home, office, restaurant, etc. with this TV.