Sony 8K TV for 2020 (XBR85Z9G) is an appliance to give considerable thought if you're serious about getting quality sound and image on a TV screen. This unit is from a reputable manufacturer of TVs, smartphones, headphones, digital cameras, and other electronic products. The company's 74 years experience means its 8K TV is not one to disappoint. Besides, Sony is ranked among famous TV makers like Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Hisense.

Asides from Sony's electronic, there are 8K TVs from other popular manufacturers of home appliances. There's the Samsung QLED 8K 98 Inch TV and the LG SM9970PUA Nano 9 Series 75" 8K Ultra. You can also check out these units. Now here's a review of the Sony XBR85Z9G 8K TV.

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1. Design

The first thing you'll notice about the Sony 8K HDR TV is its big screen. This unit has a large screen, and it is available as an 85" and 98" TV. These are two different sizes, which allows you to choose between staying moderate or going extra large. Whichever you opt for, you'll still be able to see pictures more clearly, even from a distance.

2. Display

The Sony XBR85Z9G relies on an 8K X-Reality™ PRO technology to optimize its images and upscale them to 8K quality. This remarkable video quality is also made possible with the use of Sony's 8K database. Accordingly, you get sharp and bright pictures that are enhanced in real-time. This means you'll be able to spot out tiny details on screen more easily.

What's more, this unit offers more contrast compared to what you'll get on an LED TV. The latter can be tied to its 8K X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO that tends to make scenes darker and brighter at the right places. This TV uses Dolby Vision to offer a more enhanced picture quality. Movie watching be more immersive, thereby holding your attention for a long time

The Sony 8K also relies on an X1™ Ultimate processor, which boasts of offering better pictures. In this regard, you get four times the resolution compared to a 4K. Therefore, images will tend to be rich, in-depth, and quality.

3. Connectivity

The Sony 8K TV supports Apple AirPlay and Apple HomeKit 8. This means you'll be able to stream content from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to the TV. Your ability to do so means you can look forward to seeing pictures on a larger screen.

What's more, this TV supports Google Assistant. You can control the TV's operation with your voice just by sending commands. The same applies to other devices that are connected to the Sony TV. There's also support for Alexa; hence, you'll be able to get visual responses using your TV. This functionality allows you to change channels, increase or reduce the volume, power up, launch video apps, etc. using your voice.

It may also interest you to know that this is an Android TV. You can ask the TV to make a selection from your favorite movie, and it'll start playing. It's also possible to get these movies from apps or broadcast instantly.

4. Price and Reviews

For these features and more, the Sony XBR85Z9G 8K TV sells for $6,499. This TV is considerably cheaper than the Samsung QN65Q900RBFXZA 98" TV but more expensive than the LG SM9970PUA 8K TV. Customers who purchased it said the picture quality of the TV is impressive. Others noted that this unit offers the best TV experience.

Buy Now: B07P24KDMG Buy Now: B07P24KDMG


A review of the Sony 8K TV for 2020 shows that this is a unit that has been revamped to offer excellent picture and sound quality. For the money you'll be splashing on it, you can expect great value. Therefore, compare this TV side by side with other 8K TVs to make an informed decision on which to opt for.