To get the most out of an 8K resolution, you need to buy a TV with a screen size of at least 80 inches, since the human eye cannot distinguish the difference in resolution between 4K and 8K on TVs with smaller screens.

Sony —the fifth-largest TV manufacturer in the world after Samsung, LG, and others— knows this, and that's why they're getting better with their new 8K-series TVs, proving that it's almost impossible to go wrong when choosing one of their products.

The 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Japan, and the country wanted to celebrate it by broadcasting it on 8K around the world. That's why the Japanese company is preparing in the best way possible for transmitting them through their new smart TVs.

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1913(w) x 1141(h) x 120(d) mm


Four HDMIs (one of which deploys the very latest certificated 2.1, and three 2.0), three USBs for multimedia playback and one supports 3.0 speeds, RF tuner, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth

The design of the Z9G 85" is very tidy. Sony followed the safe path and used high-quality materials, giving a very elegant thin edge and a matt plastic with a glossy finish on top to highlight the Master Series.

Something that probably calls the attention of these Sony series is the giant size of its screens with frames around a little thick but something to expect with all the features it offers.

The weight of this television is nothing too worrying about if we compare it against the competition and is supported by two metal desktop feet that allow excellent stability, so you don't have to worry if you have children at home.

The sound system that Sony incorporates on this TV is impressive, with four speakers and two subwoofers facing forward surely will make you enjoy a unique sound experience.

Picture quality & processor

What we look for most when buying a TV is good image quality. And the X705F meets that requirement effectively, offering high brightness and a black level as deep or better than its competitors.

The brightness is one of the highest I've seen on a TV, allowing for an exceptional experience even in very bright environments.

This model can send more than 3600 nits -A "nit" is another way to describe a brightness of 1 candle per square meter (cd/m2). An average candle produces roughly 1 candle- on a 10% white HDR window, allowing for impressive image quality and realism.

The brightness of this TV adapts perfectly to the image while increasing the contrast, intensity, and colour range - something you're sure to appreciate when watching your movies or playing your favorite games.

With the X1 Ultimate Image Processor and Backlight Master Unit, you'll get four times the resolution of 4K HDR, ensuring an image richer in color and clarity than ever before. Everything is upscaled to get close to 8K HDR.


This TV contains pre-installed all the most widely used applications such as Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Video through an Android Oreo interface, supporting 4K and HDR playback.

Android Oreo

Sony offers a very easy to use screen startup incorporating the Android TV platform so you can find all the content you want to watch in an almost intuitive way. Just ask the TV for your favorite movie and then sit back and enjoy it.

This sony series incorporates voice recognition through Google and Alexa's built-in microphone without using the remote control -which in addition to a comfortable design, is super easy to use.

Sony extends your experience with an easy connection to other devices, working with Apple Airplay and Apple Homekit 14, allowing you to stream video and audio to your TV from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Our Verdict

Sony can offer an excellent image quality in the Z9G 85"; so good that it's hard to get used to it. Any content played has an incredible resolution eliminating possible weaknesses, such as contrast and black level, which are almost as good as those of an OLED.

Maybe it's not a TV for everyone, mainly because of the price: it can cost almost twice as much as the LG SM9970PUA Nano 9 Series 75". But image enthusiasts who can afford such an expensive product will undoubtedly be delighted.