Here's a review of the Samsung QLED 8K 98 inch TV to give you a deep understanding of what this unit offers. It's from a top manufacturer of electronics. As such, that should give you the confidence that you're getting a unit that has been built to be a fierce competitor with others out there and even years from now. Therefore, check out the Samsung QLED 8K 98 Inch's features outlined below.

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The Samsung QLED 8K is a massive smart TV thanks to the humongous 98-inch screen it comes with. It's suited for lovers of big pictures and even gamers. The TV comes with a promise of allowing you to enjoy your movies in the best quality and on a large screen.

Nonetheless, you need to find an ideal location to mount this unit to ensure you make the most of it. Apart from the unit's large size, it sports a sleek design. You'll not find this design on a lot of TVs.


The Samsung QLED 8K 98 inch comes with a real 8K resolution, which is 7,680 x 4,320 pixels (over 33 million pixels). This resolution is higher than that of an HD TV and even a 4K TV. Samsung also notes that this resolution is 16x that of a Full HD TV. In the same vein, the unit uses an 8K HDR picture quality. This is an AI-powered intelligent upscaling, and it has a stunning design.

The Quantum HDR 32X of this TV also helps it to deliver remarkable picture quality. In this case, colors will tend to be deeper and darker. Also, this unit has an outstanding intelligence built into the unit. This intelligence can optimize each scene. It also allows it to adapt the brightness of the screen and the sound to match that of the room the unit is being used.

You also get to rely on a unit with a wide viewing angle. And this means more people in a room can enjoy what's being shown on the screen. The boundless 360° design also provides a clean back and virtually bezel-free design. The latter holds your focus on the screen for a long time.


The Samsung QLED 8k 98 Inch uses a Quantum Processor 8K, which aids its capability in optimally using its 8K resolution. This processor enables the unit to adjusts its brightness depending on how bright the environment is. The unit is also able to optimize its sound depending on the sound that each scene brings out.

You may also come to appreciate the Ambient Mode of this TV. What this mode does is to copy the wall pattern behind it. Next, it overlays decorative art, photos, or information. Nonetheless, there is still a reliance on the SmartThings app on Android or iOS devices for the unit to reach its functionality.

Price and Review:

The price of the Samsung QLED 8K 98 Inch is $59,999. It's one of the most pricey TVs out there, but considering the features, it has been revamped with, it's worth the price. The reviews of customers who purchased this TV will also give you the confidence that this unit has been well built.

A user, for instance, noted that the TV's screen displaces those from other top manufacturers. It was said that it offers deep blacks as well as high-level brightness. Others pointed out that the quality of this unit could be seen when used in a bright or darkroom. There was also a review nothing that there are fewer buttons on its remote makes it look slick. It was compared with the AppleTV remote. In line with that, this unit turns on instantly.

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The review of the Samsung QLED 8k 98 Inch shows you the best features of this unit and what makes it exceptional. For those out to get a high-level TV that offers recognizable features, this is the type you should opt for. You'll be getting great value for your money.